Girls Team

The Girls Team Program at Black Hills Gymnastics has a great reputation in the gymnastics community for consistently developing well rounded athletes. The coaches have a vast amount of experience and recognize the potential in each and every gymnast. They know how to engage and motivate their athletes while teaching them important life skills at the same time such as discipline and personal responsibility.

These girls are self-motivated, dedicated athletes who serve as great role models in the gym. The importance of teamwork, respect, and resilience ingrained in them through the sport of gymnastics has helped mold them into outstanding students and citizens in our community.

We are proud of all of our team’s accomplishments throughout the years including….Black Hills Gymnastics Girls Team has many dozens of team titles, many individual state/regional/national titles along with a handful that have earned athletic scholarships.

BHG graduates are among the finest in the world in future contributions to society.  Many have gone on to be Scientists, CPA’s, graduates with honors and many more awesome hard working community members.  We are extremely proud of being a part of their development and look forward to this continued tradition at Black Hills Gymnastics.

Teaching Life Skills Through the Sport of Gymnastics.

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