Boys Team

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Competitive gymnastics is an exciting sport that can greatly enrich the lives of all those who embrace it – athletes, coaches and parents alike. The rewards are many, taking the form of medals and trophies, peer recognition, team travel opportunities, and even college scholarships. However, the real rewards lie in the personal achievement, confidence, and life skills acquired along the way.

Here at Black Hills, we want every team member to enjoy these benefits and work hard to make sure that happens. Our passion and high expectations help develop young men and women into strong, well-rounded individuals, as well as amazing athletes.

Our Boys program is one of the finest in the nation.  We have hundreds of team titles, individual titles and collegiate athletes home grown from this awesome program headed by the award winning coach Bob Young.  Bob has created and consistently home grown generations of some of the highest ranking athletes in the nation at Black Hills Gymnastics.  The boys program can’t be beat in our state and ranks in the top handful of programs in the United States.

Our facility helps aid in this programs success.  We have the most space of any boys program in the state with the newest up to date equipment to aid each of them in their learning progressions.  We are extremely proud of what our facility, managers and overall team of staff has done to contribute to the amazing success of this mens program that dominatesin performance year after year.

Call the Hawk’s Prairie Gym for more information 360-413-9855